About Us

Universidad Azteca (formerly Universidad Azteca de Chalco) (UA), represented by Sr. Dr. Mtro. Agustin Lopez Gonzalez Pacheco, Rector Magnificus (Chancellor), of the Universidad Azteca, a Private University with Recognition of the Official Validity of Studies awarded by the federal Secretary of Education (Institución Particular, con Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios (RVOE) ante la Secretaría de Educación Pública (SEP) de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos), accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education of the Republic and recognized by the Federal Government (SECRETARIA DE EDUCACION PUBLICA, SEP) to issue University Degrees, listed on the international level with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), International Association of Universities under the list of universities of México in the International Handbook of official directory of accredited universities published by the United Nations (http://www.unesco.org/iau), with legal domicile where to receive notifications in the city of Chalco, Palma No. 61, Barrio de San Antonio, Chalco C.P. 56600, México.

With main campus and satellite extensions in Mexico Universidad Azteca is a recognised private university incorporated and recognised by Secretary of Public Education (SEP), meeting the legal requirements for name and status of “Universidad” as well as counting on various programmatic accreditations (RVOE) by the federal government Secretary of Public Education (SEP). Universidad Azteca is subject to supervision and quality assurance by SEP in accordance to Mexican higher education laws. Universidad Azteca offers programmes and awards degrees with RVOE and university own programs and degrees, collaborates internationally with universities abroad, offers dual and multiple degree programmes, and may obtain international accreditation or validation in addition to national RVOE for international programmes.

Universidad Azteca is recognised by the Federal Secretary of Public Education (SEP) of the United States of Mexico, as a private university.

Universidad Azteca is officially recognised with Reconocimiento de Validez Oficial de Estudios (RVOE) to award graduate and postgraduate degrees in the following study areas:

  • International Commerce
  • Business Administration
  • Information Systems and Data Processing (IT)
  • Law
  • Psychology (including NLP, Coaching)
  • (Public) Accounting (including Financial Management)
  • Educational Science
  • Pedagogics
  • Architecture

The university offers two Academic Systems: traditional (on-campus), and virtual e-learning (online) and awards degrees in a variety of specializations in the above mentioned study areas.

Universidad Azteca on the international level, is listed with the WHED World Higher Education Database, and the International Association of Universities under the list of universities of Mexico and the International Handbook of official directory Universities of recognised universities. 

According to the Mexican Higher Education laws Universidad Azteca is authorised to award degrees with RVOE and own academic and professional higher degrees of the university (grados propios).

Official notification of the Registry of Educational Establishments, 9 April 1999, No. 15-00084: registered in the first section of the Book 71-VIII of Educational Institutions, on page 129, as a Private Institution with Recognition of the Official Validity of Studies, awarded by the General Directorate of Higher Education of the Sub-Secretary of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Secretary of Public Education SEP.

Decree of the Registry of Educational Establishments, 9 April 1999, No. 15-00084: that the Educational Institution has an authorization to conduct studies of the type “Superior”; that the Educational Centre can award titles and degrees in conformity with those established in Article 60 of the General Law of Education and 18 of the Law for the Coordination of Higher Education.

Due to national recognition status as private university in Mexico of Universidad Azteca the recognised university is listed in the IAU International Handbook of Universities. 

Universidad Azteca demonstrates overall commitment to quality by the Global Excellence Certificate for the applied Quality Management System awarded by LAQI Latin American Quality Institute.

Universidad Azteca is a member of ODAEE ORGANIZACIÓN DE LAS AMÉRICAS PARA LA EXCELENCIA EDUCATIVA. ODAEE awarded the Universidad Azteca Rector Dr. Agustín López González Pacheco in 2013 for his achievements in Education Management.

Universidad Azteca was internationally accredited by ASIC Accreditation Service for International Colleges and Universities, with “Premier University” status for the period 2013 – 2017.

The late strategic focus, however, was on legal compliance in the countries where Universidad Azteca operated a Branch Campus, e.g. in Austria, and on meeting quality management system certification standards and pursue CONIES programmatic accreditation of the international university own programmes offered by Universidad Azteca.

The Branch Campus of European Programmes was based in Austria until 2022, where all programmes provided in Austria were duly approved and registered by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research as comparable to Austrian university programs and degrees in accordance with the requirements of the Austrian Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education, for the period 2012-2015.

The new legal framework in Austria empowers the Agency for Accreditation and Quality Assurance Austria for approval and registration of foreign university programmes. All programmes provided in Austria were duly approved by Board of AQ Austria for registration acc. § 27 Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education for the period until 2022, when the last approvals expired.

Therefore, Universidad Azteca has closed the Deanship of European Programmes in Austria, and Prof. Dr. Berchtold has resigned as Dean of European Programmes in Austria, once the Ausrian branch campus has been dissolved.

Students enrolled, however, can complete their degree programmes online via Universidad Azteca e-learning platform and not physically provided in Austria.

An International University System

Today, Universidad Azteca is a multi-campus university system with academic centers in different regions of the country and branch campuses and representatives in other countries.

The coverage of Universidad Azteca´s International Programs extends to various regions worldwide. Using learning networks and advanced information technologies, the Virtual University offers graduate academic programs; continuing education programs.

Universidad Azteca is dedicated in the traditions of the quality and excellence in teaching and to concern for both ultimate values and for the individual values of its students, is a private University committed to providing a liberal education of both general and specialized studies.

As a dynamic university, Universidad Azteca strives to offer, through effective teaching, quality education founded on the idea that one’s intellectual and personal development go hand in hand, complementing and fulfilling each other. The University has, as its basic purpose, the free search for truth by teaching its students the basic skills, knowledge, and values that they will need for a life of human dignity. The programs of the University also aim at preparing students for informed service and progressive leadership in their communities and to fulfilling the immediate and final goals of their lives.

The objective of the Universidad Azteca International Programs is to offer flexible, country- and company-specific individualised degree-opportunities to busy professionals by means of e-learning and long-distance education.

The Universidad Azteca International Programs is the professional and scientific education provider for students globally. The Universidad Azteca International Programs provides the professional educational degree programmes for individuals working in professional academic sectors.