Evaluation of students´ prior education, credits earned, levels achieved, and professional qualifications obtained, is a standard practice of any university when admitting students.

Credential evaluation services and recognition bodies apply more or less common standards either for degree evaluation or a subject analysis.

The university offers a unique tool for prospective applicants to evaluate the prior learning and to determine general admission eligibility to a certain programme. This auto-evaluation is free of charge and serves as a preliminary assessment of the degrees and credits earned at which level and possible admission to a particular programme of study.

Please, use this form and fill out as many fields as possible – control your email address because the evaluation report will be automatically emailed to the address provided by you.

The auto-evaluation serves as basis for the final evaluation once a student formally applies to the university. We, therefore, recommend to enter only qualifications and degrees which can be proven and validated.

The University offers an auto evaluation service to prospective students.

Candidates must submit the Auto-Evaluation before sending the Application

Application for students for taught or thesis programme.

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Application for Credits Transfer Recognition, Professional Certification, Assessment of Prior Learning or By Publication.

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After you have filled out and submitted the Auto-Evaluation you can Apply Now.