Thesis Regulations

Reglamento de Tesis

Our international programmes are designed for students anywhere in the world and can be passed online without any on-campus residencies. The asynchronous method of online instruction allows enrolment throughout the year and enables students to determine their own pace of studies. Courses and examinations can be taken anywhere and anytime. Final oral examinations or defence of thesis are conducted via online video conference between candidate and examination jury members.

Admission requirements for postgraduate programmes are a graduate degree, whereby, admission to a Master´s programme require the equivalent of a Bachelor´s degree (minimum 180 ECTS credits) or a comparable qualification (e.g. EQF level 6); admission to a Doctor´s degree programme require the equivalent of a graduate or postgraduate degree (minimum 240 ECTS credits) or a comparable qualification (e.g. EQF level 7). The university will conduct an admission evaluation for every individual student. The university reserves the right to admit students based on qualification only. Admission to an advanced research doctorate by thesis only require a postgraduate degree (minimum 300 ECTS credits) or a comparable qualification (e.g. EQF level 7 or 8), allowing for the transfer of 60 ECTS credits earned in the postgraduate qualification programme to the period of instruction for the research doctoral programme, to be completed by the research phase and the dissertation only.

Programmes offered and degrees awarded by Universidad Azteca internationally are university own programmes and degrees in accordance to Article 59 of the General Law of Education in Mexico.

Journal Publications:

Universidad Azteca collaborates with the International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Review – Students and graduates may approach IJAMRR for publication of their research articles or dissertations. 

Universidad Azteca


Universidad Azteca offers inter-university doctoral programmes jointly with Collegium Humanum Warsaw Management University.

Universidad Azteca may award the intermediate university own degree at Masters level and at Doctors level.

This applies to MBA and DBA, as well as programmes in Education, Psychology, Law, Health Sciences and Environmental Sciences.

Our partner university in the Republic of Poland offers joint postgraduate programmes with Universidad Azteca European Programmes as standard Universidad Azteca programmes validated by Universidad Azteca and accredited by CONIES. The programme is conducted by Universidad Azteca with a joint examination commission, and the credits earned are mutually recognised by both universities. Hence, upon completion each university awards the respective Doctor degree.

The duration of the Polish postgraduate programme is btw. one and two study years.

Doctor in Education

with national RVOE for national programme

Legal Notice: All doctoral programmes offered by Universidad Azteca internationally are grado propio degree programmes (Art. 59) of the the University. If they are conducted jointly with Collegium Humanum Warsaw Management University the Polish degree is a postgraduate qualification awarded by the University as university own degree (Art. 160).


THESIS: Two hardcopies of a thesis must be shipped to the following mailing address:

Office of the Registrar

Calle Palma No. 61 y calle 3 de Mayo s/n,

Barrio San Antonio, Chalco

Edo. de México C.P. 56600


Tel/Fax: + 52 (55) 3092-2489,

+ 52 (55) 5986-3050  

The application process is conducted in the following sequences:

  1. Prospective student asks for application form for a given programme of study.
  2. Prospective student fills out the application form in word format and remits the scan of the application form with handwritten signature by email, including the following attachments (we accept only PDF for scans, and JPG for the photo):
    1. Application form signed as scan (PDF, black/white)
    2. Scans (PDF, b/w, legible!) of all relevant higher education credentials and qualifications (degrees, diplomas, certificates, with all transcripts). If those original credentials are not in English, Spanish or German, pls, provide an English translation.
    3. Curriculum vitae, highlighting the academic and professional background. (doc or PDF)
    4. Scan of the passport (or ID card) page with personal data and photo. (PDF in colour)
    5. Passport style facial photo of applicant (colour, JPG)
  3. NOTICE: Only complete applications will be considered for evaluation.
  4. The University conducts an evaluation report and reserves the right to charge the applicant for this service.
  5. The University issues the evaluation report and in case of possible admission issues an invoice to the student for the tuitions and fees of the given programme.
  6. Student accepts evaluation report and pays the full tuition and fees in order to enrol.
  7. Payment of tuitions activates the enrolment of the given student. Once a student is enrolled and discontinues a programme, no tuition payment is refunded.