Universidad Azteca European Programmes offers doctoral programmes with recognised European universities

Slovak postgraduate Doctor PhDr. and PaeDr. qualification with Universidad Azteca

Our partner university in the Slovak Republic DTI University offers PhDr. in Management and PaeDr. in Pedagogy professional / traditional Rigorosum Doctorates by thesis. Duration is one to two study years.

Universidad Azteca collaborates with DTI University in postgraduate doctoral programmes based on the rigorosum thesis according to Slovak higher education system and study laws.

Universidad Azteca consults on enrollment and may provide support services to candidates for the Rigorosum Doctorate by DTI University
Sládkovičova 533/20, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom.

DTI degrees awarded:

PhDr. Doctor of Philosophy in Management

PaeDr. Doctor of Pedagogy

The Rigorosum Doctorates are traditional professional doctorates according to Slovak study law.

Duration: 1 study year for the thesis and defense.

Entry requirements: Master or equivalent qualification awarded by a recognised institution of postsecondary education entitling the holder of the qualification to be admitted to postgraduate studies. The qualification must be in the respective study area (Administration, Education).

Graduation requirements: Independent editing of a rigorosum thesis, evaluation and approval by examiners and the defense of the thesis before the rigorosum commission. The final defensio and rigorosum examination can be held online upon approval by DTI.

Upon completion and award of the DTI rigorosum doctorate graduates qualify for the dual award of the Universidad Azteca continuous education own degree “Doctor en Educación” (Doctor of Education) or “Doctor en Administración de Empresas” (Doctor of Business Administration) based on joint evaluation of the thesis and the recognition of the DTI Rigorosum Doctorate by Universidad Azteca.

Tuition fees for the DTI rigorosum doctorate are 8,950 EUR

Optional tuition fees for the DTI plus Universidad Azeca dual degree doctorate are 10,800 EUR