Universidad Azteca partners with higher education providers and universities globally. Partnerships cover the joint provision of higher education programmes, double degree programmes, the mutual recognition of transfer credits and academic degrees, exchange of professors and students. All partnerships aim at synergising study opportunities in maximising the choices and access for students.

International Partners

Universidad Azteca and UCN collaborate with Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae in student and faculty exchange and joint research projects internationally, whereby, neither university operates in or from Spain

Business School Partners

Universidad Azteca collaborates with Business Schools in validating the programmes and engaging in double degree programmes.

School of Business and Technology London Universidad Azteca and SBTL offer dual qualifications entailing Level 6 + Bachelor, Level 7 + Master, Level 8 + Doctor degree options.

UK College Online London – Universidad Azteca and UK College Online offer dual qualifications entailing Level 6 + Bachelor, Level 7 + Master degree options Programmes are no longer provided in austria by universidad azteca. All previous programmes are distance education and online provision programmes only since expiration of §27 HS-QSG registration

Universidad Azteca Branch Campus Berlin, Germany
Universidad Azteca European Programmes is authorised by the Senate of Science and Research of the State of Berlin, Germany, to operate a branch campus in accordance with § 124a of the Berlin University Law.

Mit Entscheidung der Senatskanzlei – Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Berlin vom 04. September 2019, GZ VC2.5, ist die Universidad Azteca, Chalco, gemäß § 124a Berliner Hochschulgesetz berechtigt, nach dem Recht ihres Sitzlandes Mexiko unter ihrem Namen Hochschullehrgänge durchzuführen, Hochschulprüfungen abzunehmen und Hochschulgrade zu verleihen. Die Durchführung der Studiengänge erfolgt an der Berliner Ausbildungsstätte.

Universidad Azteca USA
Universidad Azteca USA is registered in Delaware and provides support services to the Universidad Azteca International Programs through applicant support, student admission service, admission evaluation, credit transfer and professional certification recommendation, assessment of prior learning and provision of international programmes.

Universidad Azteca in the United Kingdom
SBTL and UK College Online in London and other accredited centres of Ofqual recognised qualifications are the UK study centre partners of Universidad Atzeca for English language combined qualifications at Level 6, 7 and 8 with Bachelor, Master and Doctor grado propio qualifications of Universidad Atzeca – and top-up options to inter-university degrees.

Universidad Azteca in Switzerland
Avrio de Geneve – Higher Education Institution in Geneva is the Swiss study center for Universidad Azteca providing programmes in Italian, French and Arabic study languages to international online students at Bachelor, Master and Doctor level

Universidad Azteca in Slovak Republic
Collegium Postgraduale in Bratislava is the study and information center of Universidad Azteca supporting postgraduate students in Slovak study language. Universidad Atezca and Collegium Postgraduale offer student support in Slovak study language for Master and Doctor programmes.

Universidad Azteca in Malaysia
Elite International College in Kuala Lumpur is the Universidad Azteca study center for programmes in English provided in South-East Asia
The International Polytechnic Institute (IPI) in Rwanda is a partner in East Africa.