Tuitions depend on the programme and the mode of provision. While most of the offered programmes are available online, some may require the involvement of a given branch campus of the university abroad including blended learning sessions and particular programme features, thus, influencing the tuitions of the programme.

Universidad Azteca grado propio university online own degree programmes stand alone

Tuitions and fees (non-refundable) for the international university online programmes provided in English are invoiced in EURO and are for the entire programme (2023/2024):

Application and evaluation fee 100 EUR
Notice: can be waived if a complete comprehensive auto-evaluation form is submitted by an applicant – go to the auto-evaluation link on our website.
Bachelor programme – depends on programme and study years
Bachelor (3 years) by validation 3,000 EUR per study year (credits earned with Universidad Azteca not transferred)
Bachelor (4 years) by validation 3,000 EUR per study year
Validation Master 3,600 EUR (based on transfer credits or validation of prior learning)
Executive MBA 4,800 EUR (including Level 7 Ofqual qualification)
Research Master 3,600 EUR (top-up by thesis)
Combined Executive MBA+DBA 10,200 EUR
Validation Doctor 4,800 EUR (Prior Learning Assessment)
Executive DBA 6,700 EUR (including Level 8 Ofqual qualification)
Regular DBA 8,700 EUR (including Level 8 Ofqual qualification + top-up by thesis)
Research PhD 7,700 EUR (by thesis only)
Combined Research Master and Doctor 9,500 EUR
Tuition and fees include the complete programme cost and the award of the following documents at the end of the programme:
Degree award in Spanish language
Degree award in English
Diploma Supplement (transcript) in Spanish and English
Registered shipment to the student.

Extra charges apply to the additional services like

  • Notarisation, Apostille, Legalisation
  • Express shipment by courier service
  • Additional replacement of credentials and transcripts
  • Additional certification services
  • Official transcript servicesEx
Tuitions for Branch Campus and Blended Learning programmes

Tuitions for campus based and residency programmes vary from tuitions for distance education and e-learning online programmes. Pls, consult the respective Branch Campus.

All fees and tuitions given here are for online programme provision the particular study plans and degree requirements.

Tuition for Distance Educational Programmes for Instruction Not in Real Time

“Distance education” means transmission of instruction to students at a location separate from the institution.

“Tuition of distance education programme” means the cost for instruction and examination charged per full degree programme.

The university is offering distance educational programmes where the instruction is not offered in real time and will transmit the lessons and any materials to any student within seven days after the institution evaluated the application and accepts the student for admission by receiving the full payment of tuitions for the programme.

The university will transmit all of the lessons and examination materials online to the student and enrol him in the e-learning system if the student has fully paid for the educational programme.

The university shall not be obligated to pay any refund after all of the lessons and materials are transmitted.

The tuition payment and refund policy applies to students directly enrolled in a university distance education programme for instruction not in real time.

Tuition and refund policies of partner universities, enrolling students in inter-university or exchange programmes may vary.
Please, consult the respective programme information websites for more information on